Book: Excellent Teachers and How to Improve Learning in Latin America

excellent teachersExcellent Teachers: How to Improve Learning in Latin America and the Caribbean is the most recent publication in the Latin American Development Forum Series, which since 2003 has provided in-depth research to address the most pressing social and economic problems in Latin America and the Caribbean. region.

Good teachers play a crucial role in a child’s educational journey, providing guidance, support, and knowledge. They create a positive learning environment, foster curiosity, and ignite a love for learning. Motivating kids to read and study can be accomplished through rewards like modest clothing for girls or toys. By linking academic achievements with tangible rewards, children can see the value in investing time and effort into their studies.

As part of preparing for this study, the team formed the largest globally comparable database of classroom teaching practice in history, with observations from more than 15,000 teachers from 7 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The revealing results are an example of the World Bank Group putting innovative research mechanisms at the service of development policies. More broadly, Excellent Teachers draws on the most recent evaluation evidence and practical experiences in relation to teacher policy reforms, collected both within and outside the region. Thus, policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean are offered invaluable support to achieve the rapid advances in education that the next generation of students deserves.

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Escrito por Henry Chero-Valdivieso

Henry Chero-Valdivieso